Evan Rachel Wood Says People Are ‘Attacking’ Her After Comments On ‘Stranger Things’

While fans binged on the new season of “Stranger Things”, actress Evan Rachel Wood had some serious problems with the behaviour of one of the characters.

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The “Westworld” star told her Twitter followers to “never date a guy” like Chief Hopper, played by David Harbour in “Stranger Things”.

Many fans of the show were not going to stand for Wood’s comments. “Cause I was severely abused and want to make sure it doesn’t happen to anyone else?” she had to respond to one person who questioned why she would tweet something like that out.

She also said, “Cue all the abusive people attacking me on twitter for posting a warning not to fall for abusive [behaviour] like a popular tv character exhibited on a popular show because it reminds them of themselves and they feel personally attacked? Bring it on guys.”

Adding in a further tweet, “I didn’t even say he was a bad guy or to stop watching the show, I just said ‘don’t date people like that’. But alas, abusers hear an attack and want a fight. Proving my point with their own retaliation.”

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Other fans of the show agreed, tweeting about Hopper’s “toxic” behaviour throughout the season.

ET Canada has reached out for comment from Netflix.

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