Gina Gershon is very excited to be starring in Woody Allen’s new film.

Speaking at a press conference on Tuesday, the actress defended her decision to act in the film by the controversial director.

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“It’s a beautiful script; a dream come true,” Gershon said, according to The Wrap. “These are crazy times; one has to analyze the situation and decide how you feel; I’m delighted to be part of this team.”

Allen also spoke about making the film, telling the press, “I’ve always focused on my work and that absorbs my brain. It doesn’t matter what’s happened to my wife, my children and politics. I’ll probably drop dead in the middle of setting up a sequence.”

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The prolific director has been accused of molestation by his daughter Dylan Farrow. Following his comments on the allegations and the #MeToo movement, Amazon terminated their contract with Allen.

Allen’s new film, tentatively titled “Rifkin’s Festival”, also stars Christoph Waltz, Wallace Shawn, Elena Anaya and Louis Garrel.