D’Arcy Carden opens up about a kissing scene with Kristen Bell in “The Good Place”, saying it got way too “technical” behind-the-scenes.

The actress joined Tuesday night’s episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and dug deep into what went into that scene on Global’s “The Good Place”.

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“This is a very technical smooching scene where we had to match perfectly, I mean perfectly, the scene I had done before where I was kissing myself,” she explained.

And while a clip played from their time on set, Carden continued, “But so we’re on a rotating table and the director is like, ‘Okay rotate your head a little, now mash your lips together!’”

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She added, “It looks like I’m kissing my daughter! It looks like I’m kissing a hot child!”

Catch Carden and Bell on “The Good Place” when it returns for season four this fall on Global.