A flight to the UK left Miley Cyrus and her family on the verge of tears.

The singer’s younger sister Brandi Cyrus relived a harrowing flight experience when speaking to Wells Adams on the “Your Favorite Thing Podcast“. “Our plane tried to land twice and had to come back up because there were other planes in our way,” Cyrus shared. “Out of nowhere, as we’re landing, we swoop back up and like bang to the left and turn. It feels crazy.”

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Cyrus said she, her sister Miley Cyrus and their mom Tish Cyrus started “losing their minds” amid the severe turbulence. “Miley’s in my lap, my mom’s holding my hand across the aisle and nobody is telling us what’s going on.”

“A full five minutes go by and we’re clearly going all the way back up and they finally come back and tell us, ‘No need to panic but somebody was in our lane in the sky and we were going to hit them,'” she explained. “That’s terrifying to think about.”

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“After 10 minutes of circulating us around, they go back to land again – same frickin’ thing happens!” Cyrus continued. “My mom starts crying and goes, ‘If we die, Noah is alone’ and freaking out. I’m trying to hold it together for everybody.”

The family was en route to the Glastonbury Festival, where Miley subsequently performed covers of Metallica, Led Zeppelin and Amy Winehouse.