Lil’ Kim has never been one to keep her opinions to herself, and she’s got some harsh words to share about Andy Cohen, claiming she bailed from appearing on several talk shows — including Cohen’s “Watch What Happens Live” — after alleging she was told the hosts “wanted to be messy.”

The 44-year-old rapper shared a video on Instagram (which she subsequently deleted) in which she speaks her mind — and then some.

“One of the reasons [some appearances aren’t] happening is because two of the major outlets wanted to be messy,” she explained. “And my publicist and my manager made the executive decision to shut it down. At this point, it’s about me, nothing else. I’m that b***h. I refuse to f**king keep doing all of these interviews, publications and all of that if mother f**kers is not gonna respect who I am, what I’ve done, where I’m at now. Put some f**king respect on my name. Period.”

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She then called out Cohen: “There were maybe two publications, one of them being ‘Watch What Happens Live’ with Andy. I have a cool relationship with [Cohen], which I thought, but… I know y’all. Some of my fans y’all get on my nerves. I love y’all but y’all get on my nerves. Y’all don’t be understanding s**t be deeper than what y’all know.

“If y’all don’t see me doing press, if y’all don’t see me doing certain things, it’s because I’m fighting. I’m f***ing fighting. I’m not just about to have mother f***ers not put respect on my name. So don’t act stupid. Don’t start asking all these dumb question. “[The media tries to] use me and my iconic status to get a moment. I’m the moment. I’m that b**** like I said. I’m tired of this s***. It be big s*** going down when I say I’m not doing something. It be corporate meetings and all types of s***, y’all have no idea.”

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In addition to “WWHL”, People reports that Lil’ Kim also allegedly axed scheduled appearances on “Today” and “Access Hollywood”.

Cohen has yet to comment on her allegations.