Adam Scott Tells Conan About The Time He Completely Embarrassed Himself In Front Of Reese Witherspoon

Adam Scott had a really awkward moment on-set with co-star Reese Witherspoon.

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The “Big Little Lies” actor told the embarrassing story Wednesday on “Conan”.

As he recalled, between takes, Witherspoon told a joke, which caused Scott to snort in laughter.

“A string of snot came out and wrapped itself around my nose,” the actor said. “And I just excused myself and […] the makeup person got a Kleenex and wiped it off.”

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Rather than mention what happened or apologize, Scott tried to ignore it throughout the rest of filming.

“For the six months afterward, until the show premiered, I was like, Should I text her and make a joke about the snot? And I never did but I tortured myself about it.”

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