Diane Keaton Talks Dating, Skin Cancer, And Her Love Of Hats In New ‘InStyle’ Feature: ‘Buy Hats… I Could Do That’

Skin cancer has become such a norm for Diane Keaton that she speaks about it nonchalantly.

The legendary actress shares her love of hats and how they protect her skin in a new feature for InStyle. “Hats also protect you from the sun — I’ve had so many skin cancers. Oh, it’s a serious problem,” she says. “Today I’m going to the doctor.”

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“I think I have one here [points to her nose]. That’s not good. I’ve had a lot of operations,” Keaton tells the publication. “So, the sun, I love it, you know? But I really have to protect my head.”

Keaton, 73, has been all about hats since 1972: “It was on ‘The Godfather’. Dean Tavoularis was the [production] designer and he was with this beautiful French girl,” she remembers. “She had on a hat that was like something you’d see Cary Grant or one of those guys wear.”

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“It made me think, Buy hats. I thought, God, that would be good. I could do that. Which is the story of my life. — I could copy this. I could copy that,” she admits.

The “Annie Hall” actress also touches on her dating life. “I haven’t been on a date in, I would say, 35 years. No dates,” she says candidly. “I have a lot of male friends. I have a lot of friends but no dates.”

The new issue of InStyle hits newsstands July 19.

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