Kumail Nanjiani really wanted to show his “Stuber” co-star Dave Bautista some love.

The actors appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Wednesday night; during the interview Nanjiani presented Bautista with a gift.

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Explaining that he felt bad because Bautista had given everyone on the movie set a gift on the final day of shooting, Nanjiani gave his co-star a collectible: a Bruce Lee lunchbox filled with snacks.

“It’s always bad when the other guy’s like, ‘Well, the gift he gave me was his friendship!'” Nanjiani joked.

Bautista, who collects lunchboxes, was delighted with the gift.

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Also during the interview, Bautista showed a clip from a fake Netflix standup special for which, he said, the streaming company paid him $10 million.

Watch the trailer to see what happens.