k.d. lang Talks Feeling ‘Exhausted’ At Being A Lesbian Icon

It’s been nearly two decades since k.d. lang came out publicly as gay, and now she’s opening up about being a longtime lesbian icon.

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Speaking to The Guardian, the Canadian singer recalled the huge attention she received after coming out.

“I was surprised when I heard a rumour that I’d slept with Madonna,” she said. “I was completely oblivious to it.”

Having her sexuality and private life in the public eye hasn’t always been easy.

“I grew up with the adage that there is a wealth of purpose in being mysterious,” lang said. “And I feel like I haven’t had the chance to be mysterious. My sexuality, and everything, was so much out in the open, and has been for many years. I feel exhausted by being exposed. And it’s truly not that interesting!”

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The 57-year-old also reflected on the legacy she’s left for gay artists who have followed in her wake.

“I try not to take huge credit for that because it’s not a competition,” she said. “It’s something bigger than all of us. I am certainly proud, but at the same time, I’m just one of many. Gay culture isn’t just one sliver of humanity – it’s a huge cross-section of people.”

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