Selma Blair Opens Up About Being A Mother With MS: ‘We Had A Perfect Day’

Selma Blair is making motherhood work despite her multiple sclerosis and sharing her experiences with others.

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Blair, 46, shared a touching Instagram post on Tuesday. The video depicted her son Arthur, 7, riding on the front of her walking bike. “Today was tough. I couldn’t get out,” she captioned the video. “This was yesterday. Joy. My son hitched a ride and we had a perfect day.”

“I so wish this game-changer of a mobility aid for people who need and want and are willing to really give it a go,” she said of The Alinker mobility bike. “It keeps me going right now thinking people lives are changing for the better. I didn’t think I would be in this state of health with a young kid. I didn’t think I would ever need a cane or wheelchair or mobility aid until well into old age.”

“But here we are. I am happy. I wish I could ride and compete and carry my son and work right now but the work on myself takes precedent. I want this aid for so many people,” she continued. “This walking bike is my lifeline to outside. And that is [a] joy. Let me know. We can post together. Love, pushy Blair. Who cares a lot.”

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Blair has been using the bike for several months now. The “Cruel Intentions” actress was diagnosed with MS in August 2018 and has since used her condition to raise awareness of the disease.

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