Former Hedley drummer Chris Crippin is opening up about the charges against the band’s disgraced frontman Jacob Hoggard.

Joining Cheryl Hickey in the ET Canada studio, Crippin voices his concerns over the singer’s behaviour and opens up about moving on personally and professionally with his new band MrCrippin.

Detailing Hoggard’s inappropriate behaviour, Crippin says he was “douchey” and “extremely rude” and it wasn’t behaviour he wanted to be around.

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On July 23, 2018, Hoggard was arrested on two counts of sexual assault causing bodily harm and one count of sexual interference. The charges were related to three separate incidents involving a woman and a girl under the age of 16.

Crippin, the long-time member of the band who dates back to their debut album, did not hold back when recalling his tumultuous time with Hedley.

The singer reveals he spoke up multiple times regarding Hoggard’s behaviour but said it was embarrassing because he was told to “shut the f**k* up” and “do your job.”

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Looking back at his years with the band, Crippin says he wanted to quit after their second record but couldn’t.

“You have to get fired when you’re in a band like that. You can’t quit, because the ramifications are too great,” he said.

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Regarding Crippin’s relationship with his former bandmates now, he admits they were never really friends.

“You can be in a working relationship, and you can be friendly, but you don’t really have to be friends.”

He continued, “I can’t say that I could ever call them, I would ever call them my friends.”

The 44-year-old musician adds that he hopes “the truth comes to light, and everyone is satisfied with what ends up happening.”

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Hoggard appeared in a Toronto court Thursday denying all charges against him. ET Canada has reached out to Hoggard’s lawyer, Hedley’s label, and former agency for a response to Crippin’s claims but have not heard back.

We’ve also contacted Hoggard’s bandmates for further comments on Crippin’s story, but have yet to hear back.

The band’s former management had no comment.