Kumail Nanjiani Talks ‘Silicon Valley’, ‘Stuber’ And Sweats Profusely While Eating Insanely Hot Wings

Kumail Nanjiani made his debut appearance on “Hot Ones”, the only talk show in which guests chow down on increasingly spicier hot wings while they chat.

Nanjiani, however, came prepared. Knowing he has a tendency to sweat profusely when eating spicy food, along with a tendency to compound the pain by rubbing his eyes, he decided to become the first “Hot Ones” guest to eat his wings with a knife and fork.

“I love spicy food, but even if it’s a little bit spicier I start sweating, so my threshold is not crazy high,” the “Stuber” star explained. “But even if I don’t hit it, I start sweating.”

Meanwhile, the conversation was as spicy as the wings, with Nanjiani chatting about his new movie, “Stuber”, the upcoming final season of “Silicon Valley” and his unwavering obsession with “The X-Files”.

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As “Hot Ones” host Sean Evans points out, not only does Nanjiani host his own “X-Files” podcast, he also appeared in Fox’s recent revival. While research episodes for his podcast, he actually combed through old internet message boards from the 1990s to get a feel for fan reaction at the time, and he noticed a difference in the discourse between fans then and now.

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“People were really respectful to each other then,” he observed. “The conversations were very smart… I saw it turn from being like, a lovely place of discourse to ‘you’re a f**king idiot.’ Like, it happened so quickly. But I saw that happen through people talking about ‘The X-Files’.”

Meanwhile, fans of “Silicon Valley” will appreciate Nanjiani taking a deep dive into the background of what is arguably the show’s most notorious — and most NSFW — joke, which involves a complex mathematical algorithm and a sex act.

“Apparently the math is all real,” he revealed. “They got people from Stanford to do the math, so when you’re looking at the board and all the the math is there, it’s all real… that was my favourite scene to do.”

As for his latest project, Nanjiani was asked whether he received any bodybuilding tips from his “Stuber” co-star, former WWE star Dave Bautista. “Oh yeah, he knows everything,” he said. “You know you’ve gotta eat six meals a day… that’s what I learned working with him, is that he’s constantly eating.”

“Stuber” drives into theatres on Friday, July 12.

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