With fires raging on the island of Maui in Hawaii, Oprah Winfrey did her part to make sure people got evacuated safely.

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The evacuation notice was sent to Maui residents on Thursday as the brush fire spread, prompting a user named Jack Moussally to reach out to Winfrey on Twitter, asking her to open the private road on her island ranch to help evacuees cross through.

Winfrey soon responded, letting everyone know that access to the road had already been given and could be used for safe passage.

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Hawaii Governor David Ige retweeted Winfrey, giving her a “big mahalo” opening the private road and assisting with the evacuation efforts.

On the island, a number of flights arriving and departing were cancelled due to the fires, and according to CBS News, several hundred animals were evacuated from the Maui Humane Society and are said to be safe.