Seth Rogen and Billy Eichner have nothing but love for Beyoncé.

Speaking with ET Canada’s Keshia Chanté, the actors discuss singing alongside Queen Bey in Disney’s highly-anticipated live-action remake of “The Lion King”, premiering in theatres in North America on July 19.

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Joking that they are still waiting for Beyoncé to get back to them about doing a full-length album, Eichner quips, “We’re waiting for her to get back to us,” adding, “We’ve pitched her some ideas.”

Rogen amusingly adds that their album would be more of a “spoken word” compilation, clarifying, “Spoken word, yeah. Kind of a William Shatner thing.”

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Eichner chimes, “But about Hanukkah. Mostly, because we’re Jewish people.”

He continues, “Bey-Hanukkah is like the last thing that Beyoncé hasn’t done. So, it’s time, I think.”


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Rogen jokingly adds, “She can probably do it better than most Jewish people.”

Revealing which Beyoncé song best represents their characters from “The Lion King”, Rogen says, “For Pumbaa, it’s for sure ‘Bootylicious’.” He explains, “He’s a plump, sexy, little creature.”

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For Eichner’s character Timon, he says, “I don’t know why I’m going to say […] ‘Single Ladies’,” to which Rogen adds, “It is the one that most captures him.”

Meanwhile, Chanté also spoke with “The Lion King” director Jon Favreau, who revealed he was jealous that Rogen got to voice Pumbaa.

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“It’s a fun character to play,” he told Chanté. “I was jealous of Seth. In ‘The Jungle Book’, I played the little pig and in this he gets to play the big, hairy pig, but he was so good in it.”

In response to Favreau, Rogen contended, “I am jealous of him directing ‘The Lion King’, so there you go.”