“Stranger Things” stars Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton are put to the test, a lie detector test that is.

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The on-screen and real-life couple took turns interrogating each other in Vanity Fair‘s lie detector test video series. Heaton, 25, was first to bat and candidly answered his girlfriend’s questions. He revealed Dyer’s “Stranger Things” character Nancy Wheeler probably would not be into him in real-life. Heaton also confessed he once trashed a hotel room, but “not on purpose.”

Dyer proved to be a little more hush-hush when it came to answering questions. “Who was your biggest celebrity crush?” Heaton asked his girlfriend. “I think Orlando Bloom when ‘Lord Of The Rings was’… I don’t know,” she answered. “We had the same birthday.” When asked about her current celebrity crush, Dyer bit her tongue.

Reflecting on her first impression of Heaton, Dyer said, “You’re scared of bugs… You’re cool. You’re a cool guy. You’re a drummer in a band.” When asked if she still thinks Heaton is cool, Dyer said, “You’re cool. Of course, you’re a cool guy.” The lie detector verified Dyer’s honesty.

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Dyer and Heaton play love interests Nancy Wheeler and Jonathan Byers in Netflix’s mega-hit show “Stranger Things”. The two have been dating since 2017, the same year season two of “Stranger Things” premiered.