Hugh Jackman Sits On Man’s Lap, Tastes His Ice Cream And Drinks His Soda

Hugh Jackman took a small break from his The Man. The Music. The Show. to get himself someone else’s treats.

The “Logan” star is currently embarking on a concert tour, where he performs songs from The Greatest Showman soundtrack as well as other Broadway and Hollywood musical numbers. Jackman, 50, interacted closely with one fan at Friday’s show in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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In the video, posted to his official Instagram Story, Jackman started speaking with one audience member in the front row.

The next thing you know, Jackman is sitting on the man’s lap and taking bites from the fan’s ice cream. “Chocolate chip, my favourite,” Jackman said. After taking a sip of the man’s Coca-Cola, Jackman thought he felt something unusual. “I thought that was something else there for a second,” he teased, generating audible laughter from the audience. “Hello!”

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“You just made my night!” the man, who said his name was Brady Thorn, told the A-list actor. “Is this the most screen time you’ve ever done?” he asked Thorn. “Come on, we can’t stop there,” Jackman exclaimed before inviting Thorn and his wife, Ashley, onstage for an impromptu dance. “Thank you for sharing your hubby with me — in a very innocent way,” the actor joked.

The Man. The Music. The Show. rolled through Toronto for Jackman’s only Canadian date on June 25. Do not be surprised if you see an eBay listing for some melted ice cream and flat soda.

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