An upcoming issue of the Chinese edition of Harper’s Bazaar features Rihanna, and the cover photo of the “Diamonds” singer is generating controversy.

In the some photos from the issue, which both Rihanna and the magazine shared on Instagram, Rihanna is seen holding a Chinese fan while wearing a blue dress accented by a bright red sash around her waist, with her hairstyle, jewelry and clothing reminiscent of ancient China.

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The photos, which will appear in the magazine’s August issue, with the Instagram post describing RiRi’s look as the result when “western style icon meets eastern aesthetic.”


However, the images have received backlash from those accusing the magazine of cultural appropriation, pointing out that the photos will appear in a Chinese magazine, with Rihanna costumed by Chinese stylists.

On the flip side, there were also plenty of fans who dismissed the notion of cultural appropriation.

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