Jeremy Renner Unveils 3 New Songs In Jeep Ad Campaign

While Jeremy Renner is primarily known for his acting work, he’s also passionate about his music — as people discovered a few weeks back when the “Avengers” star shared a new song he wrote and sang.

Renner is continuing to shine the spotlight on his musical endeavours, releasing three new music videos as part of an advertising campaign for Jeep.

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The tunes are showcased in the videos — “Main Attraction” (which can be seen above), “Nomad,” and “Sign” — all directed by Jeff Tomsic (“Spy Guys”).

“My family was my first love, and then music,” Renner, 48, told People at the unveiling of his new summer television campaign on Wednesday. “Acting came into my brain around 20. Music has always been my first love as far as something other than my family.”

According to Renner, music has been a passion since he was a youngster.

“When I was 12, I remember I was in my house and during the summer we cut out instruments and painted a keyboard and drums all made of cardboard,” he added “I put on a show and I charged my sister a dollar and all her friends a dollar to come in and watch us play cardboard instruments. I think I made five bucks!”

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“He’s not just the on-screen action hero. He is a true Renaissance man with talents that go well beyond acting, as he continues to show us with the introduction of his new music, which is authentic, honest rock ‘n’ roll, and aligns with the same spirit and philosophy of the Jeep brand,” says Olivier Francois, chief marketing officer of FCA Group, Jeep’s parent company.

“It took a lot of time in the studio to make music that kind of made this even sort of happen, and then the will of Olivier,” said Renner about writing and recording the songs, which he describes as “Imagine Dragons meets Queen.”

“I love both of those bands very much,” Renner explained.

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Meanwhile, Renner is neither confirming nor denying rumours that a full-fledged album may be on the way.

“There’s a bunch of music written. That’s all I know,” he said. “There’s a bunch of music written, and that’s a future thing. I’m happy to share music now, which I wasn’t before.”



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