Curve model Hunter McGrady is speaking up for herself and others that are considered “plus-size”.

During the Popsugar Play/Ground event, the Sports Illustrated cover star spoke about her Meghan Markle inspired wedding dress for her recent wedding.

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“Believe it or not, not all plus-size women are ashamed of their bodies,” McGrady said while on the “Shattering the Comparison Culture: Dressing For You” panel.

McGrady also said she tries not to let the negative comments get to her, “I’ll wear a crop top with shorts if I want to . . . I think it’s so empowering.”

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But while she tries to ignore the trolls, it doesn’t mean they don’t try anyways. Her favourite response to haters, “Oh, don’t be silly.”

“I put my body out there . . . I get a lot of hate, and it sucks . . . on the flip side, I see positivity . . . by being in the spotlight, we get our message out there and people relate to the conversation,” she said.