There are some pretty big “Harry Potter” fans out there, but one Reddit user is keeping the beloved movies and books close to her heart until “death do us part.”

Reddit user Katiemack777 showed off her Hogwarts-inspired engagement ring online. “My (now) fiancé knows that I love ‘Harry Potter’ almost as much as I love him, so he designed a pretty special ring for me,” she captioned the photo.

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The gold band with a round centre diamond is where the traditional side of this ring ends. The user’s fiancé then added on extra bands with the colours of Hogwarts’ houses. Red (a ruby) for Gryffindor, green (tsavorite) for Slytherin, yellow (sapphire) for Ravenclaw and blue (sapphire) for Hufflepuff – Shane Co. helped design the ring.

Of course, the ring went viral with “Harry Potter” fans everywhere awed by the ring.

“How wonderfully thoughtful. He’s a keeper for sure,” one person wrote.

“Wow I don’t even want to get married, but I want this ring,” added another.

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The wedding will no doubt be even more magical.