Awkwafina Goes ‘Unretouched’ In The New ‘Real Beauty’ Issue Of ‘Harper’s Bazaar’

Awkwafina is showing her true face.

The “Crazy Rich Asians” star is in the new “Real Beauty” issue of Harper’s Bazaar, featuring stylish new “unretouched” photos and a celebrity interview with Margaret Cho.

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“I thought that I had a good fan base, and then ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ came out, and I was like, ‘Oh, okay!'” the 31-year-old says on her recent success. Growing up, I really had only you [Margaret Cho] to look up to. Your existence meant so much to me because it showed me what was possible.

“After ‘Crazy Rich Asians’, people would come up to me crying—it was almost a bittersweet joy for them seeing a movie like that and realizing how important representation is. Asian-American actors have told me that before ‘Crazy Rich Asians’, they couldn’t get one audition. Now they’re getting tons. It helped open the door for movies like ‘The Farewell’.”

Awkwafina. Photo: Allie Holloway for Harper’s Bazaar
Awkwafina. Photo: Allie Holloway for Harper’s Bazaar

Awkwafina also talks about what it’s like getting dressed up for red carpets.

“I grew up never really feeling pretty or like a girly girl. I was uncomfortable in my skin when it came to that stuff. I had been dressed up for events and had gotten glam before, but at the ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ premiere I looked in the mirror and it felt different. It sounds clichéd but I felt like a princess.”

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As for self-care, Awkwafina says, “Working in this industry, you have to cultivate stability in other areas of your life. I was in a long-term relationship, and now I’m in another one, so that’s been a very stable thing for me. And I talk to my grandma every day.”

The issue of Harper’s Bazaar is out July 23.

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