Stephen Amell Is ‘Emotional And Melancholy’ About The End Of ‘Arrow’

After seven seasons and spawning an entire universe of spin-offs, “Arrow” is finally coming to an end.

In the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, star Stephen Amell talks about the upcoming seventh and final season of the hit superhero series.

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“I’m very emotional and melancholy, but it’s time,” the Canadian actor admits. “The fact that I’ve done this for the better part of a decade, and I’m not going to do it anymore, is a little frightening.”

Though “Arrow” is ending, the series is leaving behind a legacy of Arrowverse shows, including “The Flash”, “Supergirl”, “Legends of Tomorrow” and the upcoming”Batwoman”.

“I never think about any of the other shows,” Amell says. “I want all of them to do great, but they’re not my responsibility. My responsibility is ‘Arrow’, and to make sure everyone from the cast to the crew are good.”

Photo: Entertainment Weekly
Photo: Entertainment Weekly

The 38-year-old star also discusses his reasons for deciding to bring the series to an end.

“It was just time to move on,” he says. “My daughter is turning 6 in October, and she goes to school in L.A., and my wife and I want to raise her [there].”

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As for how “Arrow” will end, Amell isn’t giving anything away, except to say it will be very emotional.

“Because he’s a superhero with no superpowers, I always felt he should die — but he may also not die,” Amell teases. “I cried as [Marc Guggenheim] was telling me. There are a lot of hurdles to get over to make that final scene.”

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