Donald Trump Calls Swedish Prime Minister To Help Free A$AP Rocky; Offers To Cover The Rapper’s Bail

Kim Kardashian reached out to the White House to get support for A$AP Rocky, and it appears her efforts on behalf of the imprisoned rapper could be paying off.

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Rocky is currently detained in Sweden for suspected “gross assault.” Kardashian, who has had regular contact with the White House over the past several months, reached out to U.S. President Donald Trump’s advisor and son-in-law Jared Kushner.

The “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star tweeted her thanks to President Donald Trump, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and senior adviser Jared Pompeo,

“Your commitment to justice reform is so appreciated,” wrote the aspiring lawyer.

On Friday, Cheddar‘s D.C. bureau chief J.D. Durkin tweeted that it was actually First Lady Melania Trump who brought Rocky’s plight to the attention of the president, who told reporters, “We hope to get him home soon.”

Trump himself later commented on the case, tweeting that he spoke with Kanye West and will be making a call to the Prime Minister of Sweden “to see what we can do about helping” the imprisoned rapper. “So many people would like to see this quickly resolved!”

On Saturday, Trump followed up, tweeting that he had spoken with the Prime Minister of Sweden about the issue, and claimed that he even offered to cover Rocky’s bail.

In a statement, Swedish PM Stefan Löfven said that he had a “friendly” phone call with Trump, and that he told the President that Swedish courts are “completely independent” and that “the government neither can nor will try to influence the judicial process.”

However, Swedish authorities appear to have other ideas. As People reports, a hearing in Stockholm District Court on Friday granted prosecutors’ request for more time to investigate the alleged assault, which will see the rapper remain behind bars for at least six more days because prosecutors have deemed him to be a “flight risk.”

“The Court decided that the artist will remain in custody until 25 July, because of the flight risk. This gives us time to complete the investigation,” prosecutor Daniel Suneson said in a statement. “We have worked intensively with the investigation and need more time, until Thursday next week in order to complete the preliminary investigation. As long as the preliminary investigation is ongoing, I cannot give any further comments.”

“Rocky will now have been in jail for over three weeks with no charges since this extension has been granted. The six more days in jail could turn into closer to 20 days, if the prosecutor decides to charge him. The first court date for a trial is usually set at least two weeks after the date the charges announced,” a source close to Rocky told People.

“The court changed prosecutors after plenty of public backlash of the original prosecutor from the public and many members of the legal community in Sweden, over the harsh punishment and detainment of Rocky, added the source. “The prosecutor released a press release before the hearing saying they were going indict Rocky and then revised saying they were asking for an extension to investigate. Which was very unusual as why [were] they were ready to charge him if they were still investigating?”

A lawyer for A$AP Rocky didn’t immediately respond to People‘s request for comment.

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According to Rolling Stone, Kardashian and West were reportedly concerned about reports that Rocky was being held in solitary confinement and other inhumane conditions. Swedish authorities are expected to charge Rocky with assault or extend his detainment on Friday, July 19.

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Kardashian is not the only celebrity to share their support for Rocky. Fellow rappers Tyler, the Creator, Nicki Minaj, Meek Mill and T.I. all advocated for Rocky, as have a number of Democratic representatives.



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