Tinashe invited fans to participate in a Twitter Q&A Thursday night and wound up dropping a bombshell about why a video she made was never released.

The singer kicked things off:

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One fan suggested she make “a cute lil budget video” for her 2018 single “Ooh La La”, from her Joyride album but Tinashe revealed she actually made a video for that song but “never dropped it.”

Asked why she would do that, Tinashe explained:

Tinashe hinted/joked that her “Ooh La La” video may eventually see the light of day.

Another fan commented that her “team had worms for brains,” and Tinashe admitted she was well aware of that, which is “why they are fired lol.”

She then alleged that her former record label RCA “always sabotaged my real art s**t.”

Tinashe and RCA parted ways in February 2019, and while this marks the first time she has commented publicly on the split, her manager Mike Nazzaro spoke with Rolling Stone at the time to dispel rumours the label dumped her.

“She wasn’t dropped,” Nazzaro told the magazine. “We initiated for her to be released. It was a positive split for her. It’s giving her back creative control.”

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He added, “It was time to part ways. She’s excited for this next step in her career. We’re trying to decide now, if we want new partners, who the next ones will be.”

In retrospect, Tinashe’s relationship with RCA didn’t appear to be a good fit. In a 2016 interview with Rolling Stone, she described unspecified “creative differences” with the label, while in a subsequent interview with Lena Dunham she claimed RCA pushed her to record a song she didn’t want to do. “I couldn’t, as an artist, get behind the lyrics,” she said.

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