Bindi Irwin Says She Cries While Watching Old Footage Of Her Father Steve Irwin

Bindi Irwin still has a hard time with the loss of her father all these years later.

In a new interview with Stellar magazine, the 20-year-old opens up about a moment recently when she cried watching footage of the late Steve Irwin.

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“It was just an ordinary day and we were playing the video where we petition against harvesting of crocodile eggs,” she recalls. “There’s old footage of dad with the crocodiles and, even though I’ve seen the video maybe 50 times, that day I started crying.”

She adds, “Some days you feel the grief more than others. What gets to me are those moments when I’d love him to be here to share what we’re doing.”

“The Crocodile Hunter” host died in 2006 at the age of 44 after being attacked by a stingray.

Thinking of moments she’d love to share with her father, Bindi says, “It could be when my brother is receiving an accolade for his photography, or it might be at the end of the day when we’re having dinner and laughing. I’ll think: ‘I wish Dad was here for this.’ But he’s just not there.”

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Bindi’s brother Robert was only 2 when their father passed away.

In the meantime, the family is living up to Steve’s memory by dedicating themselves to the environment.

“I care about the planet and my destiny is to make a difference,” Bindi says.

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