New ‘Westworld’ Season Three Trailer Premiered At Comic-Con

Another one of the many trailers to be dropped during Comic-Con is that of “Westworld”.

The futuristic HBO series is themed “New World” this time around. Taking place in 2050 as the robots have taken over.

“Westworld” co-creator Jonathan Nolan wouldn’t say if they have left the park during the Comic-Con panel, but with Thandie Newton’s Maeve in a WWII Nazi-filled world, it is safe to assume it as another Delos park.

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Nolan did say that “Blade Runner” was one of the inspirations for season three.

“Dystopia can look pretty beautiful in the world. Just because the world is corrupt inside, doesn’t mean it can’t be smothered over and pretty. We wanted to find a version of dystopia that we hadn’t seen before,” Nolan said.

Evan Rachel Wood spoke about her character, Dolores, during the panel. “She’s a fish out of water. She’s taken these mysterious pearls (from season 2) and she’s basically taking on the entire world single-handedly,” Wood noted.

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Aaron Paul, who plays Caleb, said his character is “just trying to survive,” but “sometimes he had to do bad things. It’s impossible for him not to wish for a better world. He was born into a complicated thing.”

Check out the full season three trailer above. HBO has yet to set a premiere date other than sometime in 2020.

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