Blake Shelton Joins Garth Brooks Onstage In Idaho For ‘Dive Bar’ Video

Fans attending Garth Brooks’ Friday night concert  in Boise, Idaho, got more than they bargained for when the “Friends in Low Places” singer welcomed a special surprise guest to the stage: Blake Shelton.

The “Voice” coach strode onstage midway through Brooks’ performance of their new duet, “Dive Bar”, with the performance being captured on camera for a live video.

“I was singing with Garth Brooks!” Shelton exclaimed. “I’m freaking out!”

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According to Variety, after completing the performance, Brooks received a message in his earpiece: they needed to do it again.

“Are you telling me I sucked?” joked Shelton.

Before their “Dive Bar” do-over, Brooks asked Shelton to play a request, enlisting him to perform his latest hit “God’s Country” before they tackled “Dive Bar” again.

“Instead of doing this back-to-back… this is the coolest crowd you will ever play” for, Brooks told Shelton. “Your ‘God’s Country’ has been #1 for two weeks. Would you mind playing the song? Is that cool?”

The pair teamed up to record “Dive Bar”, the recently released single from Brooks’ upcoming album, and he opened up to Variety about their experience working together on the track.

“I didn’t know what a singer he was until he stepped up to the mic,” Brooks told Variety prior to the concert.

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“But I mean, you remember this guy started with Braddock. [Famed songwriter] Boddy Braddock is what country music is all about; he’s in the Hall of Fame. And Braddock, I don’t know to ever take on anybody as a producer. So when this guy hits town and Braddock is the producer, everybody immediately went, who the hell is this guy?” he continued. “And what I love about Blake is, he has kind of just lived up to it. And he doesn’t seem to be a guy that ever thinks anything is pressure. If you hang around him, he just seems like, ‘Ah, it’s just another day.’ I wish I was like that. I love him to death. He’s so easy to get along with.”

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