David Harbour’s ‘Black Widow’ Character Has A ‘Stranger Things’ Connection That’s Making Fans Emotional

Marvel Studios held a star-studded panel at Comic-Con on Saturday promoting the numerous Marvel projects in the pipeline, one of which is a Scarlett Johansson-starring “Black Widow” standalone movie.

Starring alongside Johansson will be David Harbour of “Stranger Things” fame, playing a Captain America-style Soviet-era super soldier dubbed Red Guardian.

It’s his character’s real name, however, that raised the eyebrows of “Stranger Things” viewers, who became emotional when they learned he was named Alexei Shostakov.

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As fans who’ve watched the recently released third season already know (SPOILERS AHEAD!), Alexei was also the name of the Slurpee-loving Russian scientist who played a crucial role in storyline, ultimately meeting a sad fate.

Fans are convinced the characters having identical names is no coincidence.

While it’s not yet clear how Harbour’s Red Guardian will factor into the “Black Widow” plot, he told Variety that his character’s relationship with the U.S. after the fall of the Soviet Union is “very complicated.”

“He’s in a very different place in his life,” Harbour explained, carefully sidestepping around spoilers. “Initially, when I heard about him and when I heard the pitch, he seemed to me a certain way. And then I was so surprised by these other things that come out in his character.”

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Meanwhile, judging by Twitter reaction, fans of “Stranger Things” are clearly not over the loss of that other Alexei:

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