Cara Delevingne and Orlando Bloom stopped by “Conan” to talk about their new show “Carnival Row”.

Conan O’Brien has been broadcasting from Comic-Con, interviewing all the hottest stars about their shows and movies.

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The duo were there to promote their Amazon Prime Video show when the comedian brought up a video where Delevingne impersonates Gollum.

The “Suicide Squad” actress pulled out all the stops in a clip shown to the audience.

“It’s on my dating profile, check it out,” Delevingne teased.

While her “Carnival Row” co-star Orlando Bloom suggested she talks to Amazon about play Gollum in the remake.

O’Brien then asked Bloom, who played Legolas in “Lord Of The Rings”, if he could do a Gollum impression after “spending all that time with him.”

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“After that? No, I’ve got to get angry, I’ve got to get naked, I’ve got to get on the floor. No,” Bloom responded.

“Carnival Row” hits Amazon Prime Video on Aug. 30.