Julianne Moore Reveals She’d Like To Play Elizabeth Warren On Screen: ‘I Want To Play People Who Are Human’

Julianne Moore discussed everything from Time’s Up to sexism in Hollywood as she chatted with Tina Brown at 51Fest.

Moore, 58, spoke about the kind of women she prefers to play on-screen, insisting: “I don’t want to play a ‘powerful’ woman. I’m just not interested. I want to play people who are human.”

When asked which of the current Democratic candidates Moore would want to play, she replied: “Elizabeth Warren.”

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Moore added of her work with Time’s Up: “[It] is super exciting – here was this opportunity to be in this room with women of various ages and various roles. Suddenly you have this community to support you. I joined the legal group as part of the campaign.”

“[It] is about safety and equity in the workplace, not just in the entertainment industry.”

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Moore has been busy promoting her latest flick, “After the Wedding”.

A synopsis for the movie reads, “Isabel (Michelle Williams) has dedicated her life to working with the children in an orphanage in Calcutta.”

“Theresa (Moore) is the multimillionaire head of a media company who lives with her artist husband (Billy Crudup) and their twin boys in New York.”

“When word comes to Isabel of a mysterious and generous grant for the financially struggling orphanage, she must travel to New York to meet the benefactor—Theresa—in person.”

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