Shailene Woodley is as hopeful as fans are for more “Big Little Lies”.

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The actress touched on the show’s future following the season two finale on Sunday. When Keleigh Sperry, an actress and soon-to-be wife of Miles Teller, asked about the show’s future, Woodley said, “ha ha ha ha, I hope so.”


The series has received acclaim from critics and fans alike. It would sound like a no brainer for a three-peat, but the star-studded cast is hard to wrangle down. Scheduling the likes of Woodley, Reese Witherspoon, Meryl Streep, Laura Dern, Zoe Kravtiz and Nicole Kidman can be a real challenge.

Earlier on Sunday, Woodley posted a series of photos with child actor Iain Armitage who plays her son Ziggy on the drama series. “Thank you for letting me be your TV mama,” she captioned the post. “You’ve guided me with your huge heart, your spontaneity, magic tricks, enthusiasm, depth, and curiosity for two years now, and I am very grateful.”

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“Big Little Lies” was initially released as a limited series in 2017, but the positive reception led to the second season in 2019. It has won eight Emmys and three Golden Globes.