Logan Paul Is No Longer A Controversial YouTuber, He Is An ‘Ex-Controversial YouTuber’

Logan Paul is no longer “controversial,” just ask the man himself.

Infamous YouTube and social media sensation Logan Paul is shedding off labels used by major media outlets to define him. Paul, 24, visited Fox Business on Monday and was introduced by Liz Claman as “controversial.”

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“I have to stop you right there, you said… you used the word ‘controversial,'” Paul said early into the interview. “Just so you know, I am an ex-controversial YouTuber.”

Paul made headlines world-wide for recording and making light of dead bodies hanging in Japan’s famed suicide forest last year. The content creator is best known for his YouTube channel Logan Paul Vlogs, where he has more than 19.5 million subscribers and over 4.5 billion combined video views.

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“I’m everywhere, baby, I’m everywhere,” he said about his social media presence. “And I’m nowhere, I’m like a ghost.”

He also revealed his expenses recently exceeded his income “for the first time ever.” He erratically confessed, “I’m definitely going downhill from here” and “I’m terrified. I think it’s the beginning of the end.”

“I also have pink eye! It’s not contagious,” he said with no prompt. “No it is, there’s a two week incubation period. I’m so sorry.”

Social media was not pleased to see Logan’s name trending.

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