Fans are getting a new look at Will Smith’s latest sci-fi adventure.

The film from Ang Lee has Smith playing an aging assassin facing off against a younger clone of himself on a mission to kill him.

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On Thursday, an action-packed trailer for the film was released, which delves into the complicated relationship between Smith and his clone.

Earlier this week, speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Lee said of the de-aging technology used for the film, “This movie is a leap of faith. The story has been around 20, 25 years but technology wouldn’t allow the story to be told. I wanted to be the first one to do this… No matter how hard you imagine it is, it is still harder.

“The biggest problem I’ve been saying is that Will is a much better actor today than 30 years ago.”

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Smith joked, “Ang would show me some of my old performances and he’d say, ‘Look at this. That’s not good, I need you to do that.’ So I got to see all of the tragedies that I committed in entertainment.”

“Gemini Man” hits theatres October 11.