Laura Vandervoort is tackling a new project and she’s asking for your help!

The Canadian actress, with the help of Zoe Robyn, wrote a script for a short film called “Age of Dysphoria”, about a young woman who tracks down an elderly man to make amends for the tragedy that devastated his life. Vandervoort shares that the team jumped on “a lucky break with an opportunity to increase production value with an incredibly talented crew,” taking a leap of faith and heading into production without time to raise the necessary funds.

“We created a short film called ‘Age of Dysphoria’ and we are so incredibly proud of it,” Vandervoort says in the video, “but we need your help.”

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“Working with Gordon Pinsent, who is a mentor of mine was a life-fulfilling prophecy for me, I’ve always wanted to work with him,” the actress reveals. “Having the opportunity to work with him as the lead in this film, as a Canadian icon, as a star, just brought so much depth to the film.”

“This is something we’ll know you’ll love,” Vandervoort continues, “but we just need a little more help to finish the product.”

The funds would be put towards post-production, festival submissions, and marketing materials. If you would like to donate or learn more, click here.