A young “Family Guy” fan got his wish this week.

On Tuesday, creator Seth MacFarlane and the Kids Wish Network flew Chance Yon out to Los Angeles to visit the show’s animation studios.

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According to TMZ, Yon, who has cerebral palsy and ROHHAD, spent the day hanging out with MacFarlane.

The two had lunch together, with MacFarlane even taking the time to draw and sign some sketches of Yon’s favourite characters and do some of the voices.

Yon also spoke with Mila Kunis and Seth Green, who voice characters on the show, over the phone.

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On top of all that, Yon watched an upcoming episode while meeting with some of the show’s directors, writers, and animators. Then he and his family recorded a special voice-over on a clip from the show.

And MacFarlane sent Yon and his family home in style aboard his private jet.