“Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”

A street artist in Los Angeles has defaced a number of billboards for Quentin Tarantino’s new film starring Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio.

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The artist, Sabo, covered Pitt and DiCaprio’s faces with images of Jeffrey Epstein, Roman Polanski and Woody Allen, and changed the title of the film to read “Once Upon a Time in Pedowood”.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sabo says that the billboards are meant to call out the industry for supporting high-profile people accused of sexual assault against minors.

Earlier this month, Epstein was arrested for sex trafficking of minors, while Polanski has been in exile in Europe ever since pleading guilty to rape of a minor in the ’70s.

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Woody Allen has also been accused by his daughter Dylan Farrow of molesting her when she was a child.

Along with a giant billboard for the film, Sabo defaced billboards and posters for the film on benches and at bus stops around the city.