A woman from Melbourne, Australia, wants to thank Keanu Reeves for helping her out of a jam three years ago.

As the Daily Mail reports, Nicole Lewis-Jacobs tells Australia’s Herald Sun that she is still “blown away” by the “John Wick” star’s kindness to her, and she now wants to thank him in person.

Lewis-Jacobs first shared her story on Facebook back in 2016, revealing she was vacationing in Beverly Hills when she asked “this bloke” for directions when she felt lost.

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When he offered to take her to her destination in his Porsche, she told him that she does “not get into strangers’ cars in foreign countries,” which was when he introduced himself.

“I was a little shocked to realize who I was actually talking to as I did not recognize him,” she continued. “Well, of course I got into his black Porsche and got a lift down the street. He made sure I got to the destination, safely calling my husband and kids (who were on a bus to meet me) to say he had me in the car as well as the family friends we were visiting. It is not everyday a movie star like Keanu Reeves gives you a lift in Tinseltown.”

Looking back at the experience three years later, she admits, “It was surreal, it was pretty nice. I got in his car and he had a movie script sitting there! I sent my husband a text saying I was in the car with Keanu. He thought I was losing my marbles.”

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Now, Lewis-Jacobs is looking to get in touch with Reeves so she can thank him properly. “I told him I’d send him a gift as I didn’t have anything to give him to say thank you. My dream is to go back and give him this photo. I would do anything to give him the gift,” she explained.

“I don’t think every celebrity would do that,” she added. “I was blown away by the whole situation and he said it was an absolute pleasure.”

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