In his latest music video, Vic Mensa is making a powerful statement that he describes as a “middle finger” to a symbol that represents racism.

In the opening of the provocative new video for “3 Years Sober”, the track from his rock band 93Punkx, Mensa is seen putting on mascara and lipstick before donning a blonde wig onto his head. Wearing fishnet stockings and red high heels, he is then seen wearing a sequin-covered red dress adorned with the Confederate flag.

“I wanted to wear this Confederate flag dress as a middle finger to a symbol of racism,” Mensa tells CNN.

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Later in the video, Mensa gets into a tussle with a Mike Pence lookalike, is taunted with homophobic slurs and is then the subject of racial profiling.

Mensa’s intent, he explains, is to “satirically address some of the things going on in the world and in our nation in particular.”

The song, he points out, “is about identity. It’s about anti-establishment. It’s about a very real and prevalent violence against the LGBTQ community,” he says.

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“I want people to take away that it’s OK to be different and that it’s OK to challenge societal norms and break out of boundaries, whether it’s genres or sexuality or gender,” he adds. “And it’s radical to be yourself.”

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