Pregnant Anne Hathaway Jokes About Having ‘Mommy Brain’ After Press Session For New Amazon Series ‘Modern Love’

Anne Hathaway was on hand for Amazon’s sessions at the Television Critics Association summer press tour in Los Angeles, just three days after she revealed she and husband Adam Shulman are expecting their second child.

Promoting her upcoming rom-com series for Amazon Prime Video, “Modern Love”, the 36-year-old actress wore a long flowing dress over her baby bump while discussing her latest project.

“My work has primarily been in film for the last 20 years,” she said, explaining that having a series on Amazon made he feel as if “people are going to see it,” adding, “It was exciting. I love romantic stories and I don’t see them in the cineplexes as much now.”

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Further discussing the show — a rom-com anthology that explores different aspects of love — she added, “I think love speaks to how fractured our time has come… it’s just that question of what’s going to get you to the movie theatre. What’s worth the time to have a cinematic experience? I love watching a superhero fall in love as much as the next person, but this is a different way to tell a love story.”

Following the session, Hathaway spoke with reporters but joked about not having the mental faculties to answer a question.

“My brain won’t let me go there right now,” she quipped, referencing her unborn baby. “Somebody’s eating it.”

Asked if she was “genuinely having that mommy brain phenomenon,” Hathaway admitted she was.

“I genuinely am. Not in every aspect of my life. I can focus on certain things that are fine, but there are certain things my brain refuses to allow me to imagine… directions,” she said.

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“So if you describe something, shapes, or you spell something, I can’t go there,” she added. “And certain words I have a tough time recalling, so I become that spinning wheel of death on your computer in conversations with me. I feel I’m very taxing for people to be around.”

Hathaway revealed her second pregnancy on Wednesday via Instagram.

You can see more of Hathaway when “Modern Love” premieres on Oct. 18.

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