YouTube star Tana Mongeau is sharing what inspires her love for soon-to-be-husband Jake Paul in a new video she uploaded Sunday, the day of the couple’s Las Vegas wedding.

Mongeau, 21, says the inspiration for the video came from meeting a fan at the airport who questioned what she loved about the 22-year-old Paul: “I realized in that moment that the only person I never want to question why I love you is you.”

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Mongeau explains that she feels an incredible connection with Paul largely because of their shared career path despite having only been together for two months.

“To be honest with you, with a life like mine and a path like the one I’ve walked, you don’t really meet people who understand you — ever. You just meet people who pretend to. I could never speak again and you’d be able to write out what’s in my head.”

Mongeau also says that Paul inspires her creativity. “My best ideas are the ones I think of with our brain and my best self is the reflection I see when I look into your eyes, and my best life is one lived by your side,” she explains.

Seemingly aware of the skepticism surrounding her whirlwind romance with Paul, Mongeau concludes her video by declaring, “I have no idea where this crazy f**king roller-coaster is headed but I can’t look forward because I can’t stop looking at you.”

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The couple, whose relationship takes centre-stage on Mongeau’s new MTV show “Tana Turns 21”, are set to tie the knot in Vegas at the Graffiti Mansion.

Not ones to miss out on a social media marketing opportunity, Mongeau and Paul are asking fans to pay $49.99 to livestream their wedding on Halogen.

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