We’ve been to Tokyo and the Dominican Republic with the “Fast And Furious” gang and now it looks like we are off to the moon.

While chatting with Entertainment Weekly, Chris Morgan, the writer behind the upcoming spinoff “Hobbs And Shaw”, said he ready to take the franchise to outer space.

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“I would never shoot down space,” Morgan revealed. “Never, never.”

He added, “I would literally never shoot down anything, as long as it hits the parameters: ‘Is it badass? is it awesome? Will the audience love it? And will it not break faith with the audience as they’re watching it?’ I’m down for whatever.”

But despite Morgan’s plans, “Fast And Furious” fans are frustrated with the idea:

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In total, there have been eight films in the racing hit franchise, with two more follow-ups currently in development.

“Fast And Furious Presents: Hobbs And Shaw” hits theatres Aug. 2.