A new film review about “Dora And The Lost City Of Gold” has a lot of people cringing over its focus on the lead characters’ sexuality.

The Hollywood Reporter‘s Todd McCarthy wrote a review about the live-action “Dora The Explorer” movie. What has people scratching their heads are McCarthy’s critiques about how the lead stars exude a sensuality that the film tries to mask.

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“What keeps things alive, up to a point, is the imperturbable attitude of the titular heroine, who is invested with try-and-stop-me spirit by Moner, who’s actually 18 and looks it despite preventive measures,” McCarthy wrote. “The same goes for Wahlberg, who’s 19. There’s a palpable gap you can’t help but notice between the essentially innocent, borderline-pubescent nature of the leading characters and the film itself, and the more confident and mature vibes emanating from the leading actors.”

“The director seems to be trying to keep the hormones at bay, but there are some things you just can’t disguise, perhaps human nature first and foremost,” he continued. “Dora seems committed to projecting a pre-sexualized version of youth, while throbbing unacknowledged beneath the surface is something a bit more real, its presence rigorously ignored. To be believed, this story should have been set in 1955.”

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The Mary Sue‘s Chelsea Steiner took aim at McCarthy. “Dude, this isn’t an episode of ‘Euphoria’. It’s a PG-rated film for children,” she wrote in a scathing response. “That hasn’t stopped male critics and whiny men online from bellowing ‘but what about MY boner?!’ to anyone who will listen. It seems that white men, to whom 99 percent of entertainment is catered to, cannot handle it when something isn’t made expressly for them.”

Citizens of the Twitterverse also took to the Internet to express their dismay over THR‘s review. One even made reference to Chris Hansen’s “To Catch A Predator”

ET Canada has reached out to THR for a comment.