Colin Jost Admits He ‘Was So Scared Of Marriage’ Before Falling For Scarlett Johansson

Marriage was not an immediate concern for Colin Jost until Scarlett Johansson came strolling into his life.

Global‘s “Saturday Night Live” star opened up about his stance on marriage during a stand-up routine at the Guild Hall on Saturday, per Page Six. This comes two months after he and Johansson got engaged.

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“I was so scared of marriage for so long because every time I talked to someone who just got married, or was about to get married, is like, ‘Oh my God, you got to do it… What could go wrong?’” he joked, “Then you talk to someone who’s been married for five years, and they’re like, ‘Don’t rush into it … you have your whole life ahead of you. Don’t have kids. They’re the worst.'”

Jost shared the story after audience members spotted his engagement ring. Johansson debuted her own 11-carat engagement ring at San Diego Comic-Con earlier this month.

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Jost’s “SNL” co-star Michael Che recently shared his suggestions for the couple’s upcoming wedding, telling ET Canada digital reporter Graeme O’Neil what he’s thinking of wearing to the ceremony.

“I’m wearing white. I’d be great if I showed up wearing exactly what Scarlett’s wearing. ‘Should I change, or should you?'” Che hilariously shared.

“It’ll be fun and I’m really, really proud of those guys and I’m sure that they’ll have beautiful white babies,” the comedian gushed about the duo.

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Jost and Johansson started dating in May of 2017. The “SNL” star reportedly proposed to the “Avengers: Endgame” actress on the two-year anniversary of their relationship

Fans in need of some sketch comedy goodness can look forward to Season 45 of “SNL” premiering this fall on Global.

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