A memorable scene in Dwayne Johnson’s latest film teams him up with WWE star Roman Reigns — and was made even more memorable by The Rock’s revelation that Reigns accidentally knocked a cameraman unconscious while filming it.

In an Instagram video he shared with his 151 million followers on Monday, Johnson reveals that he and Reigns (whose real name is Leati Joseph Anoaʻi) were in the midst of rehearsing a scene for “Hobbs & Shaw” in which they throw clubs when Reigns’ club smashed into a cameraman and knocked him out cold.

“We are rehearsing this scene, and it’s a big scene where both of us are supposed to take our clubs over our heads and throw [them],” Johnson explains in the video. “[They said] ‘Okay guys, lot of people around, no need to throw the club. Got it Joe [Roman]?’ He said, ‘Got it, brother. No need to throw the club.'”

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Johnson continues: “I pretend to throw my club and I hear ‘Oh my God!’ I turn around, the f**king cameraman is knocked out. I find out, Joe is like ‘Whoom!’ with the club, nails the cameraman, ‘Bang!'”

Interjects Reigns: “The one guy that you don’t hit.”

“But everyone just looks at me,” Johnson adds. “He felt so bad.”

“I haven’t stopped apologizing,” Reigns admits, describing the KO’d cameraman as “a champ. He took it, he bounced right back up. He was not mad at me, we hugged it out. But I still feel terrible.”

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The “Fast & Furious Presents Hobbs & Shaw” opens Friday, August 2.


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