Whitney Cummings has explained why she quit the “Roseanne” reboot.

The showrunner walked away from the show amid the controversy surrounding Roseanne Barr and her racist tweet about former Obama aide Valerie Jarrett.

On the Daily Beast‘s podcast “The Last Laugh”, Cummings pointed to the actress’s post as the real reason she left the reboot.

She insisted, “I wanted her to get off Twitter. I felt like it was going to come to a head. It was like whack-a-mole.”

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The comedian said she’d told a TMZ reporter in the airport that she was “too p**sed” to even think about Barr’s character in the show.

She said of her reaction, “That was a nightmare. I was p**sed. We all worked really hard on that show and it’s just a shame. You put your heart and soul into something for 12 months and it’s just for nothing.

“I grew up watching ‘Roseanne’, I loved it. I grew up poor and that was the first show that looked like my house. It was the first show that didn’t make me feel bad about myself.”

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When asked if she thinks ABC made the right decision cancelling “Roseanne”, Cummings admitted, “Yeah, I think it was. It’s just a shame. I’m still too shocked and confused to even know what to even think. It’s just wildly unfortunate.”

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