Fans looking forward to seeing Neil Young reunite onstage with his longtime backing band Crazy Horse will have to keep waiting, as the Canadian rock icon has postponed his upcoming tour in order to complete work on more than a dozen different film projects.

Young, 73, announced the news on his official website, revealing his plans to hit the road with Crazy Horse later this year are being pushed to the back burner as he shifts his focus to completing 15 film projects, including a documentary chronicling the making of his upcoming album Colorado.

“We will be in the editing suites for the duration of 2019,” Young wrote on his site. “Thanks for coming to our shows! We plan to be back in 2020!”

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In addition to the Colorado doc, projects include a documentary of his iconic 1971 album Harvest, a concert film of a 1971 acoustic solo show, five concert films with Crazy Horse, and even an animated feature built around music from his synthesizer-heavy 1982 album Trans.

“[It shows] how the band works together to make music, how the emotions of trying to get a sound go with the emotions of the songs, what the songs are about,” wrote Young of the Colorado documentary on his website.

“It’s old guys; young souls still alive in old souls and the music they make together,” he continued. “From the engineers, to the musical instrument techs, these guys are in it non stop for as long as it takes to get the songs captured. Like wild horses, the songs, each one an individual, a unique force at play with the emotional landscape, are in control of the dynamic of capture.”

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Here are the film projects that will be taking up Young’s time:

“A Rusted out Garage” [chronicling his 1987 tour with Crazy Horse]
“Greendale Live” [Crazy Horse’s 2002/03 tour]
“Alchemy” [Crazy Horse’s 2012/13/14 tour]
“Catalyst” [“This is a club in Santa Cruz, California Young has played many times between 1975 and 1997,” says Rolling Stone of this project. “It’s unclear which shows are a part of this film.]
“Tokyo Budokan 76” [A 1976 show in Japan with Crazy Horse]
“London Odeon Hammersmith 76” [A 1976 show in London with Crazy Horse]
“Solo Trans” [Young’s one-man show supporting Trans in 1983]
“Stray Gators Harvest Sessions” [The 1971 recording sessions for Harvest]
“Greendale Live at Vicar Street” [A March 2003 show from Young’s solo Greendale tour]
“The Boarding House” [A 1977 solo acoustic stand at the Boarding House club in San Francisco]
“Silver and Gold” [A 1999 solo acoustic tour]
“Stratford Shakespearean Theater 1971” [A January 1971 solo acoustic show in Connecticut]
“Solo BBC 1971” [A BBC solo acoustic show taped Feb. 23, 1971]
“Trans 2020” [An animated film by Micah Nelson using the music of Young’s 1982 LP Trans]

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