Eric Dane is “the most sexualized man in Hollywood,” according to a new profile of the “Euphoria” star in Glamour magazine, which focuses on his hunky TV roles, including his breakout as Dr. Mark “McSteamy” Sloan on “Grey’s Anatomy”.

“I love that character, I just didn’t want to play that guy for the rest of my life,” says Dane of his signature role. “It’s counterintuitive to what any actor wants to do with their career.”

According to Dane, he felt a connection with the character and so, leaned into the more sexualized aspects of McSteamy.

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“I felt like I had an artistic obligation to not shy away from that part of my character,” he tells Glamour. “And to a degree, there’s a lot of me in that guy. But I think at the end of the day you tend to give people what they’re asking for because it’s the path of least resistance.”

After a while, he says he worried he’d be typecast and sought less sexualized roles but admits his new role on HBO’s “Euphoria” does compare to McSteamy.

“The common denominator is that I’m naked,” Dane quips, noting that both characters made their first screen appearances sans clothing, even going full-frontal for “Euphoria”. “But it’s a lot deeper than that. With Mark Sloan, it was absolutely more of an aesthetic, and with Cal Jacobs it’s more that Cal wants to control and dominate.”

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Dane also confesses that he relates to his “Euphoria” character, a suburban dad who has anonymous sex with strangers he meets online, in some awkwardly intimate ways.

“I’ve certainly had my struggles with alcoholism, drug addiction, mental health, and I know what it’s like to have to put a facade and have external experience not match the internal experience,” he says of his character’s double life. “I felt like that was my strongest asset in trying to articulate what the guy’s going through.”

In the interview, Dane also opens up about his threesome sex tape that surfaced in 2009. “Looking back now, was it a mistake?” he says. “Absolutely not. We were just three people taking a bath. I didn’t regret it, I have no regrets nor do I make any apologies for my life experience. It’s my life experience and I am at peace with all of it.”

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You can read more with Dane in the latest issue of Glamour.

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