Awkwafina sometimes puts her baristas to the test.

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The star of “The Farewell” is featured in a new “73 Questions” video from Vogue and talks about her unique stage name.

“When I was 15 or 16, I thought the name ‘Awkwafina’ was great, hilarious. I never thought anyone would ever call me that,” she says. “Cut to now, where everyone calls me that. So that’s good.”

But when she goes to Starbucks, she sometimes chooses to go by a different name.

“I like putting ‘Michelle Pfeiffer’,” Awkwafina says. “All ‘F’s in the ‘Pfeiffer’… throws them off a little bit.”

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In the interview, Awkwafina also talks about the realization she could be funny.

“I developed humour as a defence mechanism when I was, like, four,” she recalls. “Actually, after the passing of my mom. I wanted to be an emblem of joy and not an emblem of sorrow.”