There was potential that the “Good Wife” star Julianna Margulies was to guest star on “The Good Fight”.

Margulies recently gave an interview on SiriusXM’s Entertainment Weekly Radio where she claimed that she decided not to appear on the Christine Baranski spinoff because of a pay dispute.

“I wasn’t asking for a million dollars. I wasn’t asking for $500,000 an episode. I was asking for what I got paid on ‘The Good Wife,’” the actress said. “I’m not a guest star. You don’t pay me a guest-star salary. I would get a guest-star salary if I went and did ‘SVU’ — it’s not my show. I wouldn’t ask for what I got paid as Alicia Florrick.”

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CBS All Access programming exec Julie McNamara later said at TCA that the deal didn’t work out because of “different expectation[s]” of what her part would be.

“We did want her to guest on ‘The Good Fight,’” McNamara said on Thursday. “There was a different expectation about what that meant, and it didn’t work out.”

The executive wouldn’t go into details but added that is was only because “the deal didn’t work out, and that was really the extent of it.”

She did add that Marguiles could still appear on All Access in a different role.

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“We have another project in development with her that we have a deal for her to star if that goes forward,” McNamara noted. “We’d love to see her on the service.”