Sneak Peek At Sara Gilbert’s Final ‘The Talk’ Episode

Sara Gilbert’s time on “The Talk” has reached the end.

Friday’s episode will mark Gilbert’s last where she fights through tears to thank Sharon Osbourne for their nine years together on the show.

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“Sharon, you know, I went to pull my thoughts together and it was literally like, I thought, ‘What do I say?’ It was just like that cliché of not having words.” Gilbert started. “I really wanted Sharon to be on this panel and I fought for her to be here and she wanted to do it and I was so grateful. And, I know this is like completely unprofessional, but right after she got the job, I called her and I was like, ‘I don’t know what I’m doing. How do I do this?’ And she said, ‘Just be yourself’ and you gave me permission to do that over these years. And, we’ve shared so much together, so much joy and pain. We’ve been there with each other and for each other through so many moments… I love you and I know this is not a goodbye and that we’re going to be in each other’s lives. I’ll make sure of that.”

It wasn’t just Gilbert who had a hard time composing herself, Osbourne also broke down while calling Gilbert “a sister”.

“Coming every day, seeing Sara – she can read me, I can read her. If there’s anything on my mind, I tell Sara. Now, it’s like, I won’t have Sara here,” Osbourne noted. “While my husband’s been sick, Sara’s just gone out of her way to find little things that she knows he’ll like and buy for him and he considers her a friend too. She’s like a sister that I never had. I can tell her things and she gives me good advice… It is like not having a sister with you anymore and it’s going to be hard, but she only lives down the road, just literally across the street. I will be paying her many visits. She’s not going out from any of our lives.”

Gilbert responded, “I’m going to always be there for all of you.”

The show also paid tribute to Gilberts “most memorable moments”. Check out the fun clip below for a walk down memory lane.

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Gilbert created and executive produces the daytime talk show but said she felt “out of balance” as she also stars and executive producers “The Conners”.

“If I’m being honest about it, my life was slightly out of balance, and I was not spending as much time with my three kids as I would like and time for myself,” she said at the time of the announcement.

“The Talk” airs weekdays at 2 p.m. ET/PT on Global.


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